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December 10, 2019

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Here we are mid-December, and the countdown to Christmas is on. (My 5 year old has been counting down since about September!)

Whether you’re looking to buy gifts for your own kids or composing wish lists for generous grandparents, sometimes the sheer amount of options is overwhelming. But we’re here to help.

Books make great gifts because they can appeal to all sorts of different personalities and interests, they’re educational, can be read over and over, and can be loved by more than one child.

The following is a comprehensive list of over 75 book ideas for kids of all ages and interests. Divided by category and listed according to age appropriateness from youngest to oldest, we know you’ll find some ideas for great books your kids will love.

Books for Animal Lovers:

Whether you’re looking for sweet board books with beautiful illustrations, informative books about your child’s favorite animals with interactive questions and activities, captivating picture books for middle-aged kids, or exciting chapter books about animal-centered adventures, we’ve got you covered. 

Books for Future Scientists, Paleontologists, and Astronauts: 

I have space and dinosaur obsessed boys at home, so I can personally attest that these books are tried and true winners. The National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books are FANTASTIC and a perfect balance of information and fun. If you’re shopping for a fact-oriented kid who wants to know everything about everything, the last five books in this section are excellent. If your child prefers stories, Katie and the Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Days, Moonwalk, and the wonderfully fun Danny and the Dinosaur are favorites in our home. 

Books for Outdoor Adventurers:

Who doesn’t love a great adventure story? Whether your kids would most enjoy stories about being the littlest machine at a construction site, the adorable adventures of a family of mice, the maritime adventures of a group of friends sailing the seas on the School Ship Tobermory, the beautiful story of a gentle girl who creates a beautiful garden at an abandoned cottage, or the exciting escapades of a lovely family of sisters, their giant dog, and the lonely boy who becomes their best friend — any and all of these books are likely to become favorites in your home.

Big Laughs for Little Ones (and Big Ones too):

Is there anything better than a book that makes you laugh out loud along with your kids? I can’t recommend these books enough and the experience of reading out loud has never been so enjoyable. Mo Willems is a children’s book comic genius. James Marshall’s hippos are the most adorable and endearing friends. Lobell’s Frog and Toad stories are timeless classics that will be loved by children of all ages. The heartwarming mishaps of the horrible Herdsmans in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, the silly adventures of Ramona and Beezus, and the strange experiences of the students at Wayside School are hilarious chapter books older kids will love. 

Books for Little Artists, Musicians, Dancers, and Chefs:

It’s never too soon to teach your kids about music, art, and dance, or to encourage them to help develop skills in the kitchen. Whether you’re looking for more informative books about the history of art and music (with ideas for hands on projects for your kids to try on their own), good, introductory cookbooks with recipes that are manageable for kids, or storybooks full of heroines with firsthand experiences of famous ballets, works of art, or learning to dance themselves, there’s a book on this list that’s just what you’re looking for. 

Merry Christmas to all, and Happy Reading in the New Year!

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