5 ways to add personality to your laundry room

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January 26, 2021

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Photo courtesy of Kelly @hartley_home

When it comes to decorating, the laundry room is usually the last space we give our attention. But what if a pretty laundry room made you to actually want to fold mounds of clothes?! We think yes.

Because they’re small, laundry rooms are easy and affordable spaces to add character and personality without breaking the bank. Here are a few photos for inspiration on how to quickly dress up this often neglected (yet frequently used) space in your home.

Photo courtesy of Meegan, @caligirlinasouthernworld

01. Add woven baskets

Fun and functional, baskets are an easy way to add warmth and texture to a space. Use large woven baskets to store clothes that need folding.

Photo courtesy of Thalita, @thelearnerobserver

02. Paint your cabinets

Paint is simple—but it has a huge impact. Adding a splash of color to your laundry room cabinets can majorly change the look of this space. We love this shade of sage green on Thalita’s laundry room cabinets that she DIY’d herself!

Photo courtesy of Ashley, Bigger Than The Three of Us

03. Install a floating shelf

Installing a thin shelf just above your washer and dryer creates a spot for your to display decorative items like framed prints and small vases. Ashley used scrap wood to build this shelf herself and added art from around her home to make this space feel more like them.

Photo courtesy of Krissy of @kpetersondesign

04. Add a rug

Small spaces can benefit from a cozy accent rug with a fun print! This vintage rug just does the trick to pull this space together.

Photo courtesy of Julia, @greeneacresfarmhouse

05. Create an accent wall with wallpaper

The soft, whimsical print of this willow leaf wallpaper adds character and charm to what would otherwise be a plain wall. And now that peel and stick wallpaper is a thing, creating an accent wall doesn’t have to be a lot of work!

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