The Best Baby Teethers for Quick-Relief

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January 9, 2019

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If you’ve got an infant in tow, 9 times out of 10 they’re cutting a tooth. We’re always searching for the “the magic cure all” for those aching little mouths! When it comes to teethers, you can never have enough. Here are 8 teethers that I personally vouch for or come highly recommended:

  1. This scented Sweetooth Baby Teether is SO fun and unique! It’s BPA free, easy to hold, and sweetly scented! The scent is a great distraction for fussy babies. Plus, how fun is it that it’s an ice cream cone!? 
  • This Baby Banana Brush – still all the rage. The short, narrow toothbrush end is shaped perfectly for babies to gnaw on. Oh and it promotes good dental hygiene? I’m on board with that!
  • Chewbeads – made famous by their necklace teether – must be included on this list because its so convenient. If you’re wearing it around your neck, it doesn’t get dropped.
  • Sometimes the best go-to teether is a cold one. This Green Sprouts Cooling Teether is great for pain relief. It’s meant to be refrigerated or frozen and it can work wonders when a baby’s gums are red and inflamed. The coolness is distracting and soothing. Always had 2-3 of these on hand in the fridge.
  • People swear by this Raspberry Pop Teether! This pacifier-shaped teether is easy for babies to keep in their mouth, and the small bumps massage gums gently. Small enough to easily pack in a diaper bag!
  • This little Nuby Chewbies Silicone Teether. A simple design – but something about the size and shape of this teether makes babies want to put it in their mouth All.The.Time. This teether got so much use in our house, I had to include it.
  • How cute is this Innobaby Teethin’ SMART EZ Grip Fruit Teether?! This teether is winning all sorts of awards for its unique design. Comes recommended by speech therapists and was created to encourage the development of oral motor skills. Can’t beat that!

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