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November 6, 2018

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An adorable, indestructible baby book that will entertain your littlest one and can handle baby’s roughest play.

Reading Level: Infant – 2

Read Aloud time: About a minute
About the Creator:
Amy Pixton is a mother of triplets who created Indestructibles after bits of board book kept ending up in her children’s mouths. She lives in Kansas City with her family.

About the Author:
Stephan Lomp writes and illustrates books published all over the world. He lives in Düsseldorf, Germany with his family.

Here’s why kids might like this book:
This is a wonderful book for babies, filled with bright colors and realistic, but whimsical illustrations. The book shows a variety of baby animals, teaching the unique name for each, and highlighting activities all babies love – playing, eating, snuggling, and making noise.

What makes this book worth reading?
The content of this book is perfect for babies – the bright colors and cute animal illustrations will appeal to them, but what babies will love best about this book, and others like it, is the book itself. This is my favorite book from the line of infant books called Indestructibles that are designed to be handled by babies. They are printed on a unique nontoxic, paper-like material with a sewn binding. Babies can chew them, bend them, twist them, or soak them and they will not rip or fall apart. They can be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine if they get a little too much love. My one year old has two of these books and he is rough on them, and they are still going strong.


If your baby loved this book, check out some other Indestructibles books. I especially love the ones included in this Nature set which have beautiful illustrations, but no words. You could also try the books in this Classic Nursery Rhyme set.

Publication Details: New York: Workman Publishing Company, 2017.

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