Best Value Nursery Glider: The DaVinci

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October 12, 2018

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List price: $279.00

Where to buy the DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Bonus Ottoman: is probably easiest. I received this glider as a gift from my registry, but I know most major retailers carry it. Shop around online for the best price but note you might have to pay shipping, as most don’t carry this item in the store.

What I love:

Price. You can’t find all that many gliders under $400, let alone under $300. And yet here we are. And it doesn’t feel cheap, AT ALL.

Comfort. I’m just about 6 feet tall, and I love that when I lean back I actually have support for my head and neck. The back is one of the highest I’ve seen, even in Maserati gliders. There is nothing worse than sitting down, leaning back, and then having whiplash, so I’m grateful this chair is a more positive experience. Also, the chair in general is soft but not too soft, firm but not too firm. So basically, it’s just right, and it comes with a support pillow for your back which is really helpful if you’re planning to be sitting here a while (let’s be honest, you probably will be).

Appearance. It doesn’t take up a lot of space or make a statement, but it would blend with almost any style and sits comfortably and cozily in the nursery. Style with a snuggly throw or an extra pillow to match the rest of your nursery decor, or let it sit alone, and it looks great either way.

Stationary Ottoman. This ottoman doesn’t move, which might be a negative for some, but I love this feature. I put my feet up on it and I push off of that to rock. It feels more stable than an ottoman that moves, and gives me more control. But that’s a personal preference.

What I don’t love:

It might be a little narrow. I have triplets, and I can still squeeze into this chair with all three as pictured above (age 16 months). So the narrowness isn’t a dealbreaker, but I point it out because I know a lot of gliders are trending toward the “chair and a half” width. This is definitely not that. But most adults could sit comfortably with at least 1-2 small children.

Would I buy it again:

Yes. One for every room in the house, please?


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