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October 14, 2018

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A sweet book that will resonate with young children and their parents alike, Corduroy is a story of being lost and found, of longing for a home and finding one.

Reading Level: Ages 2-6

Read Aloud time: 4.5 minutes

About the Author:

Don Freeman (1908-1978) is an American author and illustrator, whose most beloved books include Corduroy, A Pocket for Corduroy, and the Caldecott Honor Book Fly High, Fly Low. Freeman began his artistic career sketching impressions of Broadway shows for The New York Times and The Herald Tribune, playing trumpet on the side to support himself through art school. He was asked to consider illustrating children’s books and soon began writing and illustrating his own. He worked closely with his wife Lydia, with whom he co-wrote the books Chuggy and the Blue Caboose and Pet of the Met.

Here’s why kids might like Corduroy:

A small bear in green overalls sits on a department store shelf, hoping someone will want him. One day a little girl sees Corduroy and knows he is just the bear for her, but her mother points out that his overalls are missing a button and they can’t buy the bear.

That night, Corduroy has a marvelous adventure exploring the store looking for his lost button, but best of all, the next morning the little girl returns with the money from her piggy bank to buy Corduroy and bring him home to the little bed she’s prepared for him.

I love the way children can identify with Corduroy in this story. They will love the excitement of Corduroy’s nighttime trip into the unknown regions of his department store, seeing the big world through Corduroy’s small eyes, where an escalator becomes a mountain and a room of furniture is a palace. And Corduroy’s delight in having a home at last, and best of all, finally having a friend, is something that will resonate with every child.


What makes Corduroy worth reading?

Above all, Corduroy is a comforting book for children, speaking to every child’s desire to be acknowledged, loved, and cared for. Freeman’s colorful illustrations vividly bring his 32 page story to life, and in the end, Corduroy himself is brought to life as Lisa replies “Me too!” to the bear’s remark that he has “always wanted a friend.”

This is the beautiful story of a little bear who just wants to be loved and a little girl who sees his value, even when no one else does.

If your child loves Corduroy, check out the sequel A Pocket for Corduroy.

Publication Details: New York: Puffin Books, 1976.

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