Corduroy’s Christmas Surprise: Based on Character by Don Freeman

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December 6, 2018

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This adorable book teaches children the joy of being generous with others.

Reading Level: Ages 2-6.

Read aloud time: about 5 minutes and 30 seconds
Length: 32 pages

Corduroy’s Christmas Surprise is based on the character created by Don Freeman and illustrated by Lisa McCue

Here’s why kids might like Corduroy’s Christmas Surprise:
This is a wonderful book depicting Corduroy and his friends enjoying all their favorite Christmas traditions. Corduroy decorates his tree, goes caroling with his friends, and helps them build a beautiful gingerbread house. He also writes a letter to Santa requesting the things he hopes to get on Christmas morning. But after spending time with his friends, Corduroy realizes it would be even better for all of his friends to get exactly what they want instead. So he writes a new letter asking Santa to bring each of his friends what they want instead of bringing him anything. On Christmas morning, as Corduroy celebrates with his friends, he is in for a big surprise!

What makes this book worth reading?
This is an adorable book that teaches children the joy of thinking of others first. And between the cute, cuddly characters and the mention of so many fun Christmas traditions, this is a perfect book to share with your little ones this time of year. Corduroy is a favorite character in our house, and I love the illustrations by Lisa McCue, They are beautiful, festive, detailed pictures that your children will love looking at. Add this sweet, cozy book to your Christmas book collection, and teach your children a little bit more about how Christmas is an especially wonderful time to think of others and how to bring joy to the world around us!

A few ways to discuss this book with your child:

  • Corduroy and his friends enjoy many different Christmas traditions. Do you have a favorite Christmas or Advent tradition? Tell me about it!
  • Why do you think Corduroy changes his letter to Santa? Was that a good thing to do?
  • Corduroy treats his friends with generosity and Santa is generous with all of them. What are some ways you can think of to be generous with other people this Christmas season?

Publication Details: New York: Penguin, 2000.

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