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August 11, 2020

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Everyday Mamas was founded on the belief that love begins at home. We believe that as parents, everything we are doing in our daily lives as parents at home is important because it’s building the foundation for love to grow in our world — from the traditions to the education to the disagreements to the family meals — to yes, even the designing and decorating.

Because the physical spaces and rooms in our homes should serve us as we strive to build happy and loving homes. Those spaces should inspire us, they should incorporate things that are beautiful and meaningful to us, and they should work for us functionally and constructively.

We can get so bogged down with design rules and comparisons that we forget to focus on the simplicity of choosing things that we love for our homes. It’s not about sticking to a specific, prescribed style. It’s about story … I believe that what we surround ourselves with — the colors, the materials, the things — can be random and meaningless or they can convey some of the most important truths if we let them.

Joanna Gaines, Homebody

We want you to love the home you have, the home where you’re doing the most important work of all in raising the next generation. But we also know sometimes these things take time, and energy, and creativity you might not feel you can muster in various seasons of motherhood, so we want to help.

Mom to mom, we are now offering home design consulting.

Our service is not a place where you will be advised to buy expensive end tables styled with beautiful and breakable trinkets. If you want that, we’ll do our best, but at its heart our service is a place where an expectant mother can ask us whether she should invest in a changing table or a crib if she can only choose one, and how to create a cohesive nursery design around the dresser her grandfather made. Where you can tell us about your dining room and how you need it to work for a homeschooling room in 2020, where you can ask for ideas on how to organize a small pantry for a big family, or to design a guest room where Grandma can live.

This is comfortable, functional, and beautiful design and inspiration from one mom to another.

Come on in and tell us about what you need— whether you just want ideas for a specific problem spot, or you’re looking for a total room redo, we want to help. When our homes are designed in a way that is meaningful, beautiful, and functional, we are more at peace. And we believe that you deserve a physical space that reflects the love you have for your family, with the beauty, efficiency, organization and functionality that you want to experience in your home.

We’re thrilled to offer this new service and we can’t wait to learn more about you and your family. Come on over to our design consulting home page to learn more about us, our packages and what we can do. We look forward to working with you!

Have questions? Reach out! design@everydaymamas.com

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