The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

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November 19, 2018

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Rounding up the best of the best, for the prepared and the unprepared Christmas shopper.

If you have more ideas, please do add your comments! Too many ideas is never a bad thing…well, in the realm of Christmas presents, that is. In fact, we’ve also assembled a massive Pinterest board where you can scroll through lots of ideas until you have the best one. Follow along and we’ll keep adding to it.

One quick disclaimer: None of the lists below include the “experience gift.” This is a GREAT idea that cannot be overlooked, especially for a couple or family. Gift cards to a favorite restaurant for date night (and babysitting too), membership to the zoo or children’s museums — these are always huge favorites.

As is a subscription to Audible, if your loved one likes to read but doesn’t have time.

BUT. If you’re looking for that box to wrap and open on Christmas morning, look no more.

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Gifts For Him

  1. This affordable alternative to the Apple watch, by Fitbit. Not as many bells and whistles, but it gets the job done and has over 3,000 reviews on Amazon.
  2. “What would happen if you could throw a baseball at the speed of light?” This book will answer these and other absurd, hypothetical questions in a serious scientific way.
  3. This custom engraved wooden watch made from real maple wood. No two watches are the same.
  4. The puffer jacket that is light enough to pack into pretty much anything, and folds to the size of a small book. Will keep him warm, but not too warm.
  5. This personalized leather toiletry bag — high quality, great for traveling or just keeping organized at home.
  6. These machine-washable, lightweight sneakers from Allbirds that transition from brunch to backyard soccer at the drop of a hat.
  7. The party game that’s sweeping the nation: Secret Hitler. Spend an evening of lying (or trying), strategy and intrigue with a group of 6+ adults.
  8. A place to put his stuff. Personalize it however you’d like, he can charge his phone and watch, and he’ll never lose his keys again!

If You’re Still Stuck, Here Are Even More Ideas: 

9. These 6 gourmet BBQ rubs for the grill master. With over 5000, 5-star reviews, this is a great gift for someone who likes to experiment with new recipes.

10. This super comfy dress shoe that looks professional but feels like a tennis shoe. Ideal for someone who has to walk a lot on the job, or, just likes to have comfortable feet.

11. Freshly roasted coffee, sent to your mailbox, once a week for a month. What could be better than opening up your mailbox to that?!

Gifts For Her

  1. This chunky knit blanket that comes in so many colors and we want them all. Is there any other word besides cozy in all of the land?
  2. This personalized 12 month weekly planner. For the gal in your life who loves her planner, you can choose vertical or horizontal, tabs or no tabs.
  3. These ath-leisure shoes that support the foot during daily activity, look great for errands or lunch out, and transition perfectly for a stroll or light jog (chasing kids?). Machine washable.
  4. This gorgeous, oversized, warm Sherpa that is a quarter zip and therefore perfect in every way. Read reviews to determine sizing — notice they’re basically all positive. Ships fast if you need something last minute, too.
  5. Beautiful lavender and eucalyptus print set. Go the whole 9 yards and have them printed and framed in these. Not sold on these botanicals? Check out this more traditional option.
  6. These memory foam slippers for under $20. Can’t beat that.
  7. Personalize this journal with a a trip, a child’s name, a year, a Bible verse, her name, anything. Beautiful color selection. Cover is faux leather.
  8. This treat yourself hand cream for those dry winter months. Pure luxury with 20% shea butter and smells so good.

If You’re Still Stuck, Here Are Even More Ideas: 

9. Go from stove to oven in the same pot with this enameled cast iron dutch oven. Looks beautiful sitting on the stove, don’t even have to put it away.10. The candle to end all other candles (guys like the smell of this one too).

11. Everyone needs a mug like this in their lives.

12. Everyone needs a mug like this too: never reheat that cup of coffee again.

Gifts $25 and Under

  1. It may seem like a lowly kitchen appliance, but this coffee grinder from Austria is the secret to the freshest cup of coffee you can have at home. Grind your gourmet beans in 2 seconds and brew fresh.
  2. Need we say anything about this book that is still flying off the shelves. If cooking isn’t their thing, Joanna’s Homebody book recently launched too and would be perfect for the aspiring HGTV star in your life.
  3. Who doesn’t want a candle in a camping mug? Several different scents available (espresso stout?! moss and kindling?!) and they all sound amazing and have great reviews.
  4. Up your Christmas card game with these personalized address stamps.
  5. Buying a gift for a whole family? Customize these popcorn bins so every child and parent gets their own on movie night. No more fighting over the popcorn bowl = win.
  6. You may not think that an umbrella is a worthy Christmas gift but you haven’t seen this one yet. This one is super practical and yet feels like luxury: it stands up on its own, and it opens inside out so it’s easy to get in and out of the car without getting wet… and shake it dry, without getting wet. They’ll be thanking you for years.
  7. Can’t go wrong with one of these beautiful fabric-wrapped journals.
  8. A Christmas ornament is a great gift for newlyweds, new homeowners and new babies, and this one is beautiful and affordable.

If you’re still stuck, here are even more ideas:


9. Cookbooks are always a good idea. Here are few bestsellers your favorite cook might not have yet.


10. Design books are another go to for the avid home goods shopper. Here are a few that inspire you to love the home you have.

 .    .   

11. For the Harry Potter lover. These illustrated editions are really incredible. Collectors items, but at the same time, they make you want to read them again, and again, and again. The complete set (so far) is also roughly $60 on Amazon. Books 4+ are still in the works.

Gifts for Kids

Instead of listing every toy in the world that looks fun and grouping them by age, which would basically make this article a, for the kids we have a few suggestions.

  1. Books. We are huge fans of books as gifts for kids — even the little ones. In fact, we have published another list of gift ideas that is ALL children’s books and nothing else…board books, storybooks, etc. and here it is. If you need even more recommendations, check out our books worth reading category. You could also consider a subscription to Audible because there are so, so many great kids audiobooks available there.
  2. Toys. We alluded to this above, but we’ve created a massive Pinterest board . We have grouped by toys that 1. build the imagination, 2. help children to learn something new, or 3. encourage them to get outside & be active. Follow for more ideas, we’ll keep adding to it. If you have suggestions, drop them below and we’ll pin them so everyone can see!
  3. If you already have every toy in the world (which, honestly, many of us do) OR you are embracing a minimalistic lifestyle (all power to you) OR some other reason: as we mentioned above, the “experience gift” is always a great one. Memberships to a local zoo, hands-on museum, etc. are ALWAYS a win, for the whole family.  If that’s not your cup of tea, here are some creative and cute non-toy ideas below just in case that helps get the brain juices flowing.

  1. These puffer jackets from come in all kinds of great, bold, solid colors and they are super light while warm at the same time. Also water resistant so they can function as rain jackets.
  2. This children’s Nativity set that they can touch and interact with to better understand the reason for the season.
  3. This adorable print from Brick House in the City — with almost a dozen similar animal prints in her shop, you can pick your favorites and a sweet watercolor gallery for the nursery or toddler room.
  4. If mom and dad like drinking out of mugs, the kids might too. Personalize theirs for gathering around the fire and sipping hot chocolate.
  5. This animal alphabet poster with great, fun illustrations that is also an educational tool.
  6. The cutest little deer print with an accompanying print that says “pray, deer” from Honeychild Forest.
  7. The comfiest and lightest pair of supportive sneakers out there. Machine washable.
  8. A family set of popcorn bins. No more fighting over the popcorn — everyone can have their own, personalized container and you can add on additional ones as needed.

Okay, get shopping and get sharing what you buy below so we can all jump on board with you.

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