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April 7, 2019

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Ruby-Rose is a wife and full-time working mom of three. She’s passionate about bringing her family joy through the home she’s creating, and she does this by filling it with pieces that she truly loves.

We love Ruby-Rose’s warm, fun-loving sense of style, and you can see special touches of her personality in every room of her home. From the cheerful, bold-patterned wallpaper to her eclectic hat wall, Ruby-Rose’s home exudes happiness and hospitality.

As a mom, she’s always looking for functional, yet beautiful pieces to keep her family’s frequently used items organized. With three kids and a dog, she recognizes the importance of durability and wear.

In her entryway, she’s created a storage for shoes and doggie items by using an IKEA Kallax shelf. The shelf is turned on its side, filled with storage bins from Target, and topped with a seat cushion and pillows—both functional and stylish.

As her family grows, her home has changed and evolved over the years to suit their needs.

One major update was replacing all the carpeting with wood look ceramic tile flooring. It was one of the things that she was very intentional about changing, waiting to update it until it was really needed.

To make updates affordably, they’ve done them in phases. From replacing the flooring to making updates in the kitchen, she says it takes time and patience.

“I’m learning to enjoy the ride and accept that not everything has to be perfect; it’s more important to do what is best for your home and family.”

Even if its not always possible to have what you’d like immediately, that’s okay, it’s something to work towards having someday. It’s important to “love the home you have now,” she says. Ruby wants to teach her own kids to appreciate the things they have, and is making the effort to lead by example.

“I’m happy with taking my time with filling my home with very intentional pieces, things that work for us,” she says.

One thing that brings her and her family a lot of happiness and joy are living plants. You can spot bits of greenery throughout her home (though she still loves her faux fiddle leaf fig, pictured below).

“Find your joy everyday,” Ruby says, and include “pieces in your home that you’ve intentionally chosen that bring happiness in your home.”

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