[VIDEO] IG Takeover with Unplanned Actress Ashley Bratcher


April 15, 2019

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Yesterday Ashley took over Instagram stories for Everyday Mamas to show our followers a day in her life as a mom and actress.

Ashley spoke at a Mom Talks event in Buffalo, NY, and showed us clips from her day along the way, answering questions about her role in the movie as she caught her flight home.

In the video, she talks through the hardest scene for her to film, feedback she’s received after the film’s release, and how she’s striving to keep God at the center of her marriage.

When asked about her own unplanned pregnancy, Ashley said:

“We said abortion is not an option for us. We created a person and a life, and we are going to have to figure this out.

I remember posting it on Facebook and I finally had this moment where I was expecting and I was excited, and people said to me, ‘Are you crazy? You’re throwing away your whole career for this?

[But] let me tell you something, if you do not stand beside the women who face a crisis pregnancy, and you stay silent, you are no better than the person who said that to me.”

courtesy of Ashley Bratcher. image credit Tim Hester

“Being a mother is not a burden,” she says, “It is the most empowering thing you can ever do in your life. We have to stand beside these women.”

“Life is precious, and every single life has a purpose.”

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