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How are you making your home for your family?

As the mother in the family, you are like the artist, and the home is your canvas. Everything you do for your family, from the nurturing and the educating, to the driving and the cleaning, to the decorating and hosting, is all in the service of creating a culture that serves your family: a masterpiece titled, A Loving Home.

Our content is focused around this principle and we explore its application within these categories:

  • Motherhood: what is your unique story, or defining moment in motherhood? how do you educate your children, and raise children who are good citizens, friends, siblings?
  • Everyday Homes: what house projects have you undertaken, and what does home mean philosophically, spiritually, and materially?
  • Relationships: how can we be inspired in our relationship with our spouses, friends, our community, with ourselves, with the material world?
  • Everyday Musingsin light of current world events, what is our role as mothers, spouses, sisters, daughters, friends? how do world news and culture affect our homes and the actions we take there to build love in the next generation?

Content is guided by our quarterly theme. In August, September, and October 2020, our quarter’s theme is the virtue of charity.

The beauty of our model is that you don’t have to be a professional writer or blogger to share your ideas with the community. We have a team of skilled editors to help you along the way! Email us at write@everydaymamas.com with a sample of your writing, a topic idea, or an interest in contributing to our site.

If you’re a photographer and you’re interested in collaborating with us on photos, scroll down to see more information. 


General Guidelines for Writers:

We are looking for articles that are:

  • Positive. Motherhood isn’t easy, and we aren’t going to pretend it is. That said, we won’t be posting cynical articles, or articles with an unresolved complaining tone, as this conflicts with our mission. We do want to include stories that are raw, sad, honest, and sometimes difficult, but they should always have a positive outlook on motherhood in general.
  • Easy to read. We are looking for a light, conversational style with personal stories (or research, depending on the topic) intertwined where appropriate.
  • Relevant. You don’t have to conduct extensive research yourself, but we are looking for articles that show true understanding of the subject matter, accurately reflect and include current research, and provide your personal insight or take a new angle that isn’t often addressed.
  • Meaningful. We’re most interested in the topics that you’re wrestling with, deep in your heart. However, “just for fun” content is welcome too.
  • Inclusive. Articles should encourage readers to comment, discuss, and share their opinions. We love diverse perspectives and drawing from personal experience; however, we also want the material to be relatable to moms of many backgrounds and to unify us in this important role we have in common. 

Our process:

  • All articles will go through two rounds of edits and we will collaborate with you during that process. We shoot for our articles to be 500-1200 words, with some exceptions.
  • Everyday Mamas reserves the right to make final decisions regarding editing, title of article, and photo selection, and also has the right to decide which articles to publish. If you send us any photos, you are granting us permission to use them on our website and on related social media accounts. By submitting any articles to us, you are verifying that Everyday Mamas has the right to publish this work.
  • If you would like for us to tag you on Instagram, please send us your account name and we will be happy to do so. We will also create an author bio for you, and if requested, will link to your blog, website, Etsy shop, etc.

Thank you for contributing! We so appreciate  your willingness to share your story as we all strive to build love in our homes.  


image by Matt Hardy


We love photos of motherhood and family life. If you’re a photographer and you are interested in seeing your photos on our site, please send us a link to your gallery (everydaymamasmail@gmail.com) or tag us in your photos on social media. 

We always give credit to our photographers, link to your social media account or website, and can even include a brief bio about you if you’d like. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]