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Houseplants teach kids about the miracle of life—and other reasons why this mom of 3 loves them in her home

Keeping plants alive and flourishing in your home can be a challenge — and doing it while caring for three children, even more so. Today, we’ve invited Emily Ripperger of @therootedmom to share her tips on how she’s balancing all of this — while working through home renovations, too!  EM: You renovated almost every inch of your […]

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6 Family Dinners in 30 Minutes or Less

In light of the COVID pandemic, we’re re-sharing some of our favorite articles that may be helpful to you and your families during this time. Originally published 03/26/2019. People who love to eat are always the best people. Julia Child Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup Spring Soup with Asparagus and Ramps Calabrian Chile Pasta Cheesy Sausage […]


Potty training triplets: how we survived

My daughter was two and a half weeks old when we started potty training our triplets.  On the surface, this might seem like the absolute worst time to potty train. I mean seriously, who takes sleepless nights and endless nursing sessions, and tacks on mad dashes to the bathroom, piles of poop on the floor, […]


Survival mode series: mental, emotional, and spiritual health

Mamas, whenever we undergo a life changing event—from starting a new job, to having a new baby, to moving into a new home— daily life can shift dramatically and send us into Survival Mode.  As we begin to find our bearings in the unknown, it becomes clear that some things cannot be done the same […]

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The best affordable fake plants for those of us who just can’t with the real ones

Here on Everyday Mamas we’ve been running a series about the benefits of real houseplants, how to grow them, how much healthy air (and joy) they can bring to your home and even how it’s possible to do it as a mom of multiple little ones. But despite the best of efforts and intentions, some […]

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A floor-to-ceiling gallery wall you can DIY without breaking the budget

Like many families living in suburban, new-ish, generic-ish builds in Texas, we have a giant wall in our living room. It’s not that wide, but it is very tall because our living room is open to the loft above, which can be challenging to fill in a way that feels cozy but not busy, meaningful […]


Small acts of kindness change the world, and our small kids can help

I just want to start by saying: our family has never done a service project together. If you’re thinking, “me either,” that’s consoling, because maybe I’m not the only one. I’ll admit it has not been high on my priority list.  Sure, we’ve brought the occasional meal to a family friend welcoming a new baby, […]

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2019 Christmas Gift Guide

Have you heard of the “four gifts” rule? Some families are finding it helpful, for budget reasons or just for simplicity, to give each of their children 4 total gifts on Christmas: Whether or not you adhere to this 4 gifts rule, we thought it was a helpful way to break down this year’s Christmas […]


How (and why) to grow houseplants when you’re also busy growing kids

This article is part of a mini-series we’re doing about how to grow houseplants in your home. We’ve asked a few mamas to share their best tips and tricks, so whether your thumb is black or green, we’ve got you covered. To see the first article in this series on how to grow a fiddle […]


Families shouldn’t be afraid to host dinner parties — here’s why

Parenting can be tough, and it can also be lonely. It can be hard to find time to go on a much-needed date night, let alone get together with other couples, and sometimes the idea of hosting another family just sounds exhausting. Kids are picky, the house is messy, you haven’t finished painting the kitchen, […]


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