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Things nobody tells you about fiddle leaf fig trees

This article is part of a mini-series we’re doing about how to grow house plants in your home. We’ve asked a few mamas to share their best tips and tricks, so whether your thumb is black or green, we’ve got you covered. We know you’ve seen them—those gorgeous fiddle leaf fig trees with their signature […]

Things We Love

Organizing your pantry might be the self-care project you need

When dinner time rolls around, how often do you find yourself staring at your pantry — not even sure where to start to find something you need to make dinner?  If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably be found rummaging through an endless sea of miscellaneous salad dressings and boxes of crackers before you can maybe […]


Meet the couple working to end sex trafficking in Uganda

1.2 million children are trafficked for sex each year. That’s 3,040 children every single day— one child every 26 seconds. These children, most of whom are between the ages of 3 and 16, are often kept in locked rooms and forced to serve 10-15 adults per night. The vast majority are girls, and many of […]

Birth Stories

Birth Story: There Are At Least Two Babies in There

It was election day. Part of our country was in mourning, part of our country rejoicing, and still another part just a little bewildered, as votes for Donald Trump flooded in. I was sipping my afternoon thermos of coffee, driving home from work a little early after a meeting downtown. I planned to wrap up […]


Actress Ashley Bratcher Opens Up About Acting, Motherhood and Talking to Kids About Abortion

Unplanned, the recent film about abortion and Abby Johnson, has been in the news a lot lately; this is in part thanks to the lead actress Ashley Bratcher, who has been very transparent about her own story and her own passion for the pro-life movement. Ashley recently opened up about her unplanned pregnancy, and we […]


They Had a Baby with Down Syndrome. Then They Adopted Another

Kelsi and her husband Jim welcomed a new baby, Colt, into their family in July 2014. They were immediately in love. He was baby number 6. Shortly after his birth, they were told that he had Trisomy 21: Down syndrome. While his extra chromosome was a surprise, from that first moment, they saw it as […]


Why This Mom of 7 Leads Thousands in Daily Prayer on Instagram

One of the experiences of prayer is that it seems that nothing happens. But when you stay with it, you realize that something has happened. Henri Nouwen Kristin Reilly and her husband were living in downtown Chicago, two toddlers in tow, when her husband unexpectedly lost his job. It was a stressful time, to say […]

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Spring Style Picks for Real Mom Life

image credit: Simply Grey Life. I’m sitting here looking at the New York Fashion Week photos and have made the executive decision that fishnet and see-through plastic raincoats have little to no practical use in everyday mom life. HOWEVER. The good news is that many of this year’s trends are really gorgeous and totally normal, […]

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Dreaming of Spring? 11 Dresses You Can Wear While Chasing the Kids

We’ve all felt guilty reaching for the yoga pants for the 2nd (or 253rd) day in a row, but the reality is, it’s tough to find another clothing item that is really up for the task of daily motherhood. I mean seriously. What other fabric can handle smashed avocado, 100 squats as you try to […]

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9 Great Diaper Bags Under $100

We know, we know, Lily Jade bags are all the rage. But if you’re not ready or willing to drop $300, all is not lost. There are some great options out there that are still very stylish, practical, and high quality — for under $100. Look no further: This Skip Hop backpack comes in black, […]


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