The Soon-To-Be $50Bn Industry That’s More Pro-Woman Than Birth Control

Weight gain, irritability, cramping, anxiety, acne, irregular bleeding — these are all symptoms widely recognized as inconveniences associated with being on birth control. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), almost 16% of women in the United States aged 15-44 are currently on the birth control pill, and another 8% are currently using long-acting […]

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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Rounding up the best of the best, for the prepared and the unprepared Christmas shopper. If you have more ideas, please do add your comments! Too many ideas is never a bad thing…well, in the realm of Christmas presents, that is. In fact, we’ve also assembled a massive Pinterest board where you can scroll through […]


How to Choose Joy on a (Literally) Poopy Day

It started when I heard water running. Coffee not yet in hand, hair not yet brushed, I realized at 8:05 one Monday morning that my triplet toddlers were one step ahead of me, and in the morning flurry had bamboozled their way into our bedroom, and subsequently our bathroom, and today was the day that […]


8 Creative Ways to Entertain a Sick Toddler

If you have children, chances are, you’ve had sick children. With three toddler boys in tow, when sickness hits our house, everyone gets it. Disclaimer: we have not yet had the dreaded hand foot and mouth virus, OR the stomach bug, OR the flu, OR anything else more serious. My guess is that when you […]

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Moms of Toddlers, This One’s For You: Radio Flyer Wagon

I bought the triple wagon because I have triplets, and it is now our main transportation device. The double is just as good, if you only need two seats. We can go for walks, to the zoo, and even to stores with it. It’s easy in and out, the kids like it, and they have to stay in it because there are seatbelts. It’s an amazing invention for anyone with two or more little ones.


Supermom Syndrome: Why We Don’t Ask For Help, Even When We Need It

I am a mother of triplets. This means a lot of things. One thing is that there is a short list of places that I can go by myself with all three babies. Logistically, there are certain limits on whether my baby transportation device fits through the door, and whether excessive child noise is frowned […]

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The Little Chair That’s Changing The World: Summer Infant Portable Booster Seat

We have used this chair WAY more than I could have ever expected: indoors, outdoors, at restaurants. It even fits in a carry on bag if you’re going to be traveling. It collapses in seconds and is easy to clean, plus it’s adorable, making this one of my all-time favorite baby gear items.

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Is It Worth The Hype? IKEA High Chair Review

I bought these highchairs simply because it was the most cost effective way to get three (I have triplets). Now, I love these so much that you could give me a nicer high chair and I would give it away. They’re so easy to clean, and to me, with mess x 3, that’s everything.


I Have Triplets. Here’s A Glimpse Of What It’s Like

People ask me all the time, “how do you have triplets? What is it like?” Usually, it’s when they see me in the grocery store with my “basketful of babies” or my “hands full.” I don’t exactly blame them. I would wonder too. I know we’ve looked like a circus on more than one occasion. […]


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