Moms of Toddlers, This One’s For You: Radio Flyer Wagon

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October 18, 2018

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Where to buy the Radio Flyer Wagon:

The double is often cheaper than the list price, on Amazon, so keep an eye out for sales, although the triple is frequently out of stock there. You can always find it at Also, you might be able to find it used (I did), which is a huge win because it’s just plastic and you can easily wipe it down.

What I love about the Radio Flyer Wagon:

Fits through doors. Most baby gear items that transport more than one child take up a lot of space and if I use them in public I’m always stressed about whether or not I’ll fit through the door. Not this one. We fit everywhere.

Seatbelts. I started using the wagon when my triplets were about 9 months old and could sit up well. I intend to continue using it until they’re 3 or 4 years old. The seatbelts were helpful support when they were little, and now that they want to climb out of everything, they help contain them. Even though actually, my kids really like riding in this.

Storage in the back. The triple has a little pouch on the back is which an absolute gamechanger. I can fit an entire triplet sized diaper bag back there, plus snacks, easily. I also fit three mini highchairs and it has several cup-holders for the kids. I’d miss this in the double!

Lightweight. It’s easy to lift in and out of the trunk of the car. That big, black handle just folds right underneath, making it easy to store or transport. It’s also not too heavy to pull, even with three kids in it.

Easy to clean. Just wipe it down. The double has actual seat backs but they are removable if you want to keep it simple.

What I don’t love:

Size. It’s really a great size, but it just doesn’t collapse at all. Our permanent storage place for it is the back of our car, but if you’re limited on space you might have a tough time with this. It’s plastic, so you don’t really expect that it will collapse of course — but in a dream world, if this thing would fold down, it would be amazing.

Maneuvering. As much as I tell my kids to keep their limbs inside the vehicle at all times, they don’t always, and you might find them pulling things off shelves in stores if you aren’t careful. It steers fairly well, but not in tight spaces. Be careful not to pinch fingers as you round the corner.

Shade canopy. We’ve only used it once. It doesn’t really shade the kids unless the sun is directly above, and is a little bulky to use. But it didn’t affect my decision to buy (I didn’t even know it came with the wagon) so I don’t mind. It’s an interesting extra, but I wouldn’t count on using it a lot.

Would I buy it again:

Absolutely. I would recommend it for all mothers of little ones close in age, including twins and triplets, as long as you have space to store it (for us, that permanent storage place is the trunk of my car).

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