Dad’s Best Friend: BOB Duallie Jogging Stroller

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November 2, 2018

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Where to buy:

Amazon has free shipping. You can also find it at most baby stores like Buy Buy Baby, and often some local, smaller stores too (helpful if you want to test drive it first).

What I love about the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Jogging Stroller:

Easy to steer. I have to drop off 3 toddlers at school once a week. I have 3 backpacks, 3 lunches, and 3 kids. I can put two in the stroller, hold a baby with one hand, and push/steer with the other hand, get through the door, down the hall, around the corner, into the classroom, all one-handed, no problem at all.

Lightweight. To clarify: it’s not light enough to fold up and carry around like the umbrella strollers we usually take to the airport. But you hardly notice when you’re pushing it, even for long periods of time. It pushes easily even uphill, with heavy kids — it’s by far the lightest of the double or triple strollers I’ve used.

Shock absorbent. The shocks on this thing are great, probably better than my car. I feel like I could go over a speed bump in the road and the kids could sleep through it.

Plenty of storage. Underneath, in the storage basket, I can fit 3 backpacks and 3 lunches easily.

Compact. It’s a double stroller but it still fits on normal sidewalks and through doors. It is easy to fold and unfold, and fits in the trunk of my sedan. I think it would fit in the trunk of most cars, actually. It’s heavier when folded, to lift, but still fairly easy to get it in and out of my trunk.

Adjustable. The handle adjusts based on your height, and the sunshades are also really adjustable if your kids hate sun in their eyes as much as mine do.

What I don’t love:

No parent cupholder. My wife got an extra parent cupholder attachment that you can strap on which is useful, but it doesn’t come with one.

Cost. This is like the Lamborghini of jogging strollers. We were given this one as a gift, and like I said, it has changed my life, but it’s a steep pricetag.

Would I buy it again:

If I had twins, or a young toddler with baby #2 on the way, yes, I would want this stroller. There is a carseat attachment you can buy (that’s the link to the Graco one but they sell them for most major carseat brands). With triplets, it doesn’t solve everything, and I still have to carry one, but it does help a whole lot. The triplet stroller doesn’t fit in my car, so this is the best solution for me taking the boys somewhere by myself.

Out of all the jogging strollers I’ve tried, this is my favorite, but it’s the ultra luxurious one, and it might be cost-prohibitive for some. I would say if you’re budget conscious, look for it used, or test drive a cheaper stroller (how does it steer with one hand?) before you decide for sure that you want to drop the money for this one.


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