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November 2, 2018

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I always planned to breastfeed my kids, but never did it occur to me to begin to buy pieces during pregnancy that were both stylish and, well, accessible for breastfeeding.

When I got home from the hospital, I realized I had almost nothing that was flattering and easy for my new feeding phase. I began to look for options that I would actually like to wear while breastfeeding.

Fall is one of the most challenging seasons to dress for. It is hot one day then freezing the next. Throw wrestling your top open into the mix, and it goes from challenging to miserable.

But, fear not, Dairy Queens and Pumping Princesses, here are nine breastfeeding friendly fall pieces to take you through this transitional season into winter.

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Wrap tops.
Wrap tops are obviously great for breastfeeding, so I love that they’re in this year! It’s great to be able to throw on one of these and feel put together, yet still comfortable and functional. Here are a few options that are cute and easy to wear:

Button up/button down.

There are so many ways to style a good button up and they’re ever so accessible! A button up always gives off a classy vibe, which is especially great on the days when you feel like a mess.

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Here you are, toasting your everyday victories. Or, running errands with your very practical diaper bag. In a button-up, you’ll always look stylish doing everyday activities.

Here’s some of my favorites:

Crop Tops.
This isn’t Britney’s Crop Top.

Let me preach the good news. Crop tops are so perfect for breastfeeding. Before you shut me down with, “but they are too juvenile,” or, “they are unflattering,” hear me out.

I’m talking about crop tops that just kiss your high waisted pants or skirt or just tuck in slightly. Imagine not having to pull approximately 100 yards of fabric out of your tugged garment while wrangling a hungry babe. Crop tops, friends.

If you want to see more style ideas like these, follow our Mom Style board on Pinterest.

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