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October 1, 2018

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The REC is a great indoor playground and fun for both older and younger kids.

Address:  1175 Municipal Way, Grapevine TX

The REC indoor playground is a bright, fun, colorful, air-conditioned spot to bring kids! Its located just inside a large fitness center, but this section is open to the public.

We love that it is welcoming and fun for both older and younger kids.

For the older ones, there’s various climbing structures, slides and adventurous walkways that float above where parents stand. For younger children, a smaller slide, set of stairs, and some low-rising play structures are sure to keep their attention. There’s room for them to climb, explore, and play make-believe with a plane they can pretend to fly. So cute!

Because this space has so much natural light, it’s very inviting and little ones seem to really enjoy running around on the soft, rubber flooring. We always have a great time coming here!

Important Information About the REC

Socks or shoes are required, as well as adult supervision!

There is a child-care room for gym members that is attached to the playground. Sometimes the children play in the playground area, under the supervision of REC childcare staff. Just be aware that sometimes it can get a little busy! But many times it’s pretty quiet.

Hours: 5am to 10pm, every day of the week

Cost: Free and open to the public

Website: The REC

Age Range: For children 9 and younger

Parking and Entrance: The REC indoor playground is just inside the sliding glass doors, off to the right of the main entrance hallway.

Bathrooms: There is a single-stall bathroom inside the playground room. However, there is no changing table. The bathroom has a small child’s toilet that is convenient for toddlers. If you need to change a baby, you’ll have to go out of the playground room and into the hallway bathrooms.

Food and Drink: Water is allowed inside the REC playground area. However, other food and drinks can only be consumed outside of the REC climbing room.

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