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December 2, 2019

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There’s something about decorating with vintage pieces in a home. Part of what makes them so intriguing is that they’re not things you can find just anywhere. They have a story to tell. They often speak to your personality. And adding them into your decor is a great way to add character and charm.

It’s true, there’s an art to decorating with vintage items, but with a little guidance and some inspiration, it can be done!

In this month’s home tour, homeowner Kate Rossing—mom of three and interior designer—shares different ways you can decorate with vintage pieces in your home. Kate has an eye for finding items that are unique and have character, and slowly, she’s been adding them to her own, new build home.

When it comes down to it, she says, it’s all about balance. Start small, add pieces slowly, and don’t be afraid to experiment!

In the video tour above, Kate takes us through her home in Wisconsin, which she and her husband built about four years ago.

Kate has put a lot of thought into creating spaces that are comfortable and inviting for her family and friends, and she’s continually looking for new ways to incorporate pieces that hold meaning for her family. From the art on her walls to the strategic location of their kid’s favorite bird-watching chair, there’s obvious intention behind her decor choices.

When you walk into Kate’s home, one of the first things you’ll notice is her striking staircase and beautifully framed vintage pieces of art (both religious and architectural).

“Our faith is so important to us,” Kate shared, “so its really fitting that the first thing people see when they enter our house is where our hearts are.”

“And along the same lines, we have our wedding photos on the stairs. Its a good reminder for us that this is where it all started—that this home and all we have is built upon the foundation of our marriage.”

Another prominent vintage piece in this space is the carved wooden coat rack from Belgium. Kate found the coat rack on Etsy, and it holds special meaning for her as she has Belgian heritage and honeymooned with her husband there as well.

Kate’s home is grounded in a neutral color palette—creams, whites and beiges. Using softer, muted colors works particularly well for decorating with vintage items. The combination minimizes distractions and makes vintage items really stand out.

Kate loves collecting items in blue and white—so you’ll spot these fun splashes of blue color throughout her home—from accent pillows to the china in her hutch.

In her white, open-concept kitchen, she’s incorporated small touches of vintage flair just above the sink window and perched on top of the oven. These pieces brought some personality and a touch of whimsy to the space.

In her two year old daughter’s nursery, Kate aimed for soft, soothing colors. With just the right vintage accents (like the framed vintage prints on the walls, antique toy chest, and child’s rocking chair), Kate has transformed this room into a cozy spot for her daughter to spend time in.

Kate also DIY’d the beautiful pink and brown garland in the photo above. This is an easy way to add character and playfulness to a nursery or kid’s room, and it’s definitely a doable project even if you’re not normally a DIYer.

To make this garland, choose three types of fabric you like, cut the fabric into 1 inch strips, and then tie them in knots around a cotton cord. Super simple, and adds so much charm!

For a full tour of Kate’s home—including her kid’s play room, dining room, and master bedroom—be sure to catch the video at the top of the page!

For more about Kate and her decorating ideas, please visit Kate’s website: and follow her on Instagram @kate.rossing

All photos curtsey of Kate Rossing.

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  1. My sister wants to give our aunt a gift that she could use for her home when we visit after the pandemic. I like your suggestion of adding vintage pieces that can complement the rustic appeal of her home. Now that I know how decor can transform a home, maybe we should visit a store that sells these before the visit!


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